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What is a strong core?
To have a strong core doesn’t necessarily mean having those washboard abs that many might consider when thinking about a strong core. Your core muscles can be strengthened and trained for much more than just looks. Our core muscles are some of the most important muscles that we use in day to day life, and pain often happens from not using your core. So how can we make sure we have a strong core?
Think of your core muscles as the sturdy central link in a connecting chain of upper and lower body. Clearly, we need that chain link between our upper and lower body to function, but we need it to be strong to function effectively.
Everyday Activity
Bending to pick up your kid’s toys, twisting while raking your garden, sitting on a chair by the pool; these are just a few of our many mundane activities that we do in daily life that require a strong core. 
Basic daily activities call for a strong core.
A Healthy Back
Low back pain can be debilitating, many Canadians suffer from back pain. Many are surprised to find out back pain does not just come from weak back muscles but a weak core that makes the back do all the work. Those crunches can make for a better back too, it’s not just nice for the much desired six pack.
Good posture
Weak core muscles contribute to slouching. Good posture will trim your silhouette and projects confidence. More importantly, it lessens wear and tear on the spine and allows you to breathe deeply.
Weak, tight, or unbalanced core muscles can cause many issues and pain. And while it's important to build a strong core, those rippling abs aren’t necessarily what we all need. A strong core requires effort but is worth feeling great over.

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