Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy focuses on rehabilitative and preventative Natural Health Care. It can Help to alleviate symptoms of accident/injury and physical dysfunction including pain, swelling, skeletal misalignment, aid in pre/post-surgical procedures and has many other proven benefits surrounding improving mood, anxiety and depression.

Communication between RMTs and patients is of utmost importance to ensure time together is efficiently spent safely addressing your specific symptoms and concerns. Tools such as; soft tissue manipulation, Diaphragmatic Breathing, assisted muscle stretching and remedial exercise are provided by your Therapist to provide a well-rounded care plan.

Massage Therapy is often underestimated as a key component in injury rehabilitation and preventative care, but here at Cambridge Physiotherapy, we are happy to coordinate both Physio and Massage therapy to achieve the best rehabilitation outcomes possible.

Meet Our RMT's:

Rebecca Raineault


Ken Roche