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How Is Your Posture?

You can probably remember some time in your life hearing the words “sit up straight!” and “no slouching!”. Why should we really listen do that advice though, what’s wrong with slouching?

Here at Cambridge Physiotherapy & Rehab Center our clients know how important good posture really is. Good posturing means that we use the most efficient amount of muscle energy to keep our joints aligned against the downward pull of gravity we experience daily. Yes, it may be easier to slouch back in our chair, but good posture means efficient energy use which will save your body at the end of the day.

So what exactly is good posture?

In order to correct your posture, you must first be aware of your body and its current posture. We will discuss the most important posture points to remember when standing and sitting.


  • Keep your head up in the neutral position.
  • Try to keep your shoulders pulled back by using a very small amount of muscular tension in your upper back muscles.
  • Do not let your shoulders round and slump forward this puts stress on your shoulders.
  • Do not lock your knees backwards (hyperextend), rather keep them in a relaxed position so the weight of your body falls over the middle of your knee joints.
  • Keep your feet hip width apart and don’t let your feet turn inwards or outwards too much.


  • Try to keep your shoulders pulled slightly.
  • If you are working on a computer or at a desk, keep your forearms and wrists parallel to the ground
  • Whenever possible use a chair with a backrest on it rather than a chair without one. Something with good support to your upper and lower back are ideal.
  • Ensure your thighs are roughly parallel to the ground. They may be slightly higher or lower depending on comfort and how well your chair can support your thighs.
  • Do not cross your legs.

Can Physiotherapy Help?

Posture cannot just be corrected with the snap of your fingers; it takes hard word and dedication. Having good posture is something worth the challenge though. In the long run having good posture can help in so many ways. With good posture your body will tire and ache less easily and is also less likely to have injuries. Aligning your frame is the key to improved spinal health and a happier life.

Correcting posture is difficult and it can often call for the help of a professional. Physiotherapy can help in correcting posture by strengthening muscles that cause poor posture and also by increasing flexibility to reduce the strain on your spine.

With extensive orthopedic care through physiotherapy, you can strengthen those muscles that have been weakened by poor posture and give your body a new chance to have correct posture. Spine health is so important for long-term health and overall well-being and a physiotherapist can help you correct your posture and improve your spinal health.

If you have back pain and are serious about getting back to feeling yourself again please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 519-219-5428 to use the button below to book an appointment at a convenient time for you.

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