Custom Orthotics Cambridge

You may wonder if orthotics are worth the price. They are prescription medical devices that you wear inside your shoes to correct biomechanical foot issues such as problems with how you walk, stand, or run. They can also help with foot pain caused by medical conditions such as diabetes, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, and arthritis.

Many of us are flat-footed and may not even realize how it can affect our stance, posture, and the way we walk. In the long term, it could result in heel pain, ankle pain, and if you enjoy sports it could affect the way you perform. Having your gait and ankle assessed by a Physiotherapist will get you on the right track to improving your physical health. At Cambridge Physiotherapy, we put a lot of emphasis on posture… starting with your feet. Contact us for an assessment today.

5 Signs You Need Custom Orthotics in Cambridge

  1. You Stand for 5+ hours a day Prolonged standing can lead to plantar fasciitis, an overuse injury to the plantar fascia. This is a sharp pain that you feel under the sole of your foot or heel as you walk or stand. Orthotics can help relieve the stress you place on it from standing all day.
  2. Your Arches If your arches are either too high or too low you may not be getting enough support from your shoes. Orthotics can provide the support you need.
  3. Foot or Heel Pain This may seem obvious, but many feel pains in their feet and blame it on their shoes, you may be damaging it more by not thinking about your pain. Orthotics will relieve that pain.
  4. Worn Out Shoes How do your shoes look? Is one side worn out more than the rest? If so, you could be rotating your foot inward (also called pronating) or outward (also called supinating.) Orthotics can help foot pronation or supination.
  5. Lower Body Injury If you have had a recent injury to your hip, knee, back, leg or ankle, it could be affecting the pressure you put on your feet. As a result, this affects the way you walk. Orthotics may be able to help correct your walk.

What will your visit consist of?

A one on one Initial Assessment with our Physiotherapist where an extensive overview of medical-related history will be undergone to ensure we can meet your needs. Tests that calculate the range of motion and gait analysis in the lower extremities will be completed using traditional and current methods of technology. A 3-dimensional casting of your feet will be done using a foam impression mould to form your orthotics to your feet.

Upon dispense of your orthotics, an appointment will take place within one week of your assessment (depending on your availability). At that time your custom-made orthotics will be fitted within your shoes to guarantee satisfaction. You will be educated at that time as to how to use the orthotics for your benefit. As well, depending on the assessment the Physiotherapist may give you exercises to strengthen and / or improve your gait.