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In response to coronavirus: Your safety is our number 1 priority.

We recognize this is a serious situation, but do not want to panic either. Many large events have now been postponed to reduce public gatherings – that’s the right response! However, pain issues and being too sedentary can actually increase your odds of getting sick, so we will continue to help you in more hygienic, 1-on-1 therapy settings. We have reinforced the recommended measures on appropriate hygiene standards following the guidelines of Health Canada, the WHO and local health authorities.

All that to say, we are open 1-2 days a week and still taking patients on an urgent basis while adding these extra cleaning and health protocols.

All equipment and furniture are being wiped down before and after every treatment session.
All patients coming in are screened for fever and asked if they have travelled recently. Those who have travelled recently are being advised to come in after the 14 day incubation. This is for their safety as well as those in the community.

All staff may use disposable gloves when working one on one with a patient
Masks are available when required.

Hand sanitizers are available around the clinic within your reach.

There will no more than 3 people in the clinic, including yourself, when you come in for treatment. This my include the receptionist / admin, the Therapist & yourself. Social distancing is the norm here.

End of the day cleaning of the clinic will be done daily to make sure all surfaces are cleaned as per our infection prevention protocol.

Your understanding is most appreciated while we work together to help you get stronger and keeping our community safe. Remember, THIS WILL SOON PASS, but until that time, stay safe, wash your hands, keep fit, exercise regularly.

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