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The Importance of Physiotherapy for Rolled Ankles

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Spring is right around the corner! As we get back outside to enjoy the warmer weather, it is important that we prepare ourselves for more physical activity. Whether it’s walking, running, cycling, or anything else we like to do as the winter comes to an end, we need to be careful when returning to these activities. The ankle joint is a big piece of all the ways that we like to enjoy springtime. Today we will discuss what the ankle joint is, how it is commonly injured, and what we can do to make sure that we stay healthy as the seasons change!

The Ankle

The ankle is the part of the body that connects the two bones of the lower leg with the foot. It is made up of 3 Joints: The talocrural, subtalar, and tibiofibular joints! These 3 joints allow us to move the foot up and down and side to side. We use the ankle every day when walking, running, jumping, driving, and much more! Balance is key to our ability to perform all these movements. A strong ankle is a stable ankle!

Ankle injuries are some of the most common in the country. According to a Canadian study, ankle and foot injuries made up 33% of all injuries reported among people aged 12 to 19. This was more than 2 times the 14% rate of ankle and foot injuries reported by seniors. Let’s lower these numbers!


The best way to strengthen any muscle is to add resistance to active movements. Elastic bands are a great way to add resistance when working the ankle. Try these 4 exercises:

Ankle Strengthening Exercises


Today we are going to highlight how you can improve the stability of the ankle joint. A stable ankle will help us avoid excessive inversion and eversion of the joint; these two movements are common causes of injury, particularly when playing sports. You may know this type of injury as a “rolled ankle”. To help protect against a rolled ankle try these stability exercises:

Ankle Stability Exercises

We can do all these exercises on a wobble board or bosu ball. If you don’t have either, try a pillow or soft mat! By using a soft and uneven surface we will force the ankle to work harder to find stability when doing exercises like a single-leg squat. When we move forward with our everyday life, our ankles will be prepared for the uneven road ahead!

Let’s make 2023 a spring of stability and get our ankles ready for anything we get up to in the warmer months ahead!

How Can Cambridge Physio Help Me?

Our physiotherapists will carefully assess you to find out where the problem is coming from, how you got injured and what ligaments / muscles, if any, are affected. Next, they will develop a plan of care guided by your personal goals. This plan will consist of Active therapy, hands-on manual therapy techniques, and physical modalities to help manage your pain and to strengthen your muscles!

Contact us at 519-219-5428 or email admin@cambridgephysio.ca to ask any questions and/or book an appointment.

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