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Scoliosis Rehabilitation, How It Works

Cambridge Physiotherapy is the closest place to go to when you or your child is living with Scoliosis. Cambridge Physiotherapy offers Scoliosis Rehab using the latest techniques in the Schroth method.

Here at Cambridge Physio, we use the Schroth method of Scoliosis physiotherapy to help those living with scoliosis lead an optimal life.
The Schroth Method of treating Scoliosis is a Physiotherapeutic treatment that incorporates three-dimensional exercises that are specific to different curves depending on the diagnosis, Xrays and Cobb angle.

The traditional method was the ‘wait & see’ approach which may or may not include bracing depending on the degree of the curvature. This would then be followed by surgery if the curve progresses to 45 degrees and above.

Scoliosis is an alteration of the curve of the spine away from the normal, with a lateral (side to side) curvature and rotation of the vertebra. For a diagnosis of Scoliosis, the curve must be greater than 10 degrees. At least 2-4% of children under the age of 16 will be diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis, meaning there is no known reason for the scoliosis.

The goals of these exercises are:

  • Correct posture and improve postural awareness
  • Stabilize the Spine & Stop Progression
  • Educate correct positions while doing activities of daily living
  • Improve breathing capacity
  • Improve body mechanics
  • Increase strength
  • Assist with pain reduction

For patients wearing a brace, studies have shown that bracing along with Schroth Physiotherapy is more effective than bracing alone (article in the resource section).
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